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Re: 70 Million

Jonah, I thought you were going to point out the hilarity of the idea that liberals believe $70 million in federal funds over six or seven years is a signficant amount of money. They can waste that amount of money in seconds on highway demonstration projects.

The spin here is, as usual, very bold, true to the nature of Carville and Clinton. Starr came up empty, the Clintons were exonerated of everything and there were no real scandals, nuance be damned. They figure — rightly — that no news outlet wants to get mired in the swamp of Clinton scandals again, and they can make any ridiculous claim they want.

It somehow doesn’t matter that Starr’s lawyers got Clinton’s business partners convicted of multiple felonies for defrauding the federal government. It somehow doesn’t matter that Clinton’s own attorney general kept adding new responsibilities to Starr instead of assigning separate counsels to newly erupting scandals like the FBI file finagling, which added to his budget and responsibilities. It somehow doesn’t matter than Clinton was disbarred and settled the Paula Jones lawsuit, an admission of guilt. Today is another day, and they count on their belief that there’s another sucker out there who will buy the story that Clinton “did nothing wrong.”

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