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Re: ABC Thing

Jonah: I’ve watched the entire ABC miniseries, which is more than a lot of its critics can probably say, and “a pox on everybody” is not an inaccurate description of how it views the pre-9/11 years. Yes, the Clinton administration comes in for some water torture. It was in charge of the executive branch for much of that time, after all. But Republicans don’t fare especially well, either. Condi Rice gets knocked around. Congressional Republicans aren’t depicted as a bunch of Cassandras: The film suggests that impeachment-obsessed Republicans did their nation a disservice because they distracted the Clinton administration at a time when it should have been more focused on terrorism. The movie’s heroes are the late FBI agent John O’Neill and, to a lesser extent, former counter-terror official Richard Clarke. More from me tomorrow, when my NRO piece about the miniseries is scheduled to appear.

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