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Re ‘About the Critics’

I must say, Mark does point out a certain irony: People like me (to be self-referential) were anti-McCain before anti-McCain was cool. That is, we opposed him when he faced off against George W. Bush et al. And a lot of people now dumping on us were — Moosers, McCainiacs. And now people like me are the last defenders of the McCain candidacy? That is so very weird.

I’m supporting McCain because I think he’s on balance admirable and right-thinking. (And by “right,” I don’t mean right-wing, for sure.) I also think he’d make a far, far superior president to Obama, who I believe would do considerable harm. I will vote for McCain and Palin enthusiastically on that Tuesday morning.

But then: What do I know, being a hick who doesn’t read books . . .?

P.S. The nice thing about chewing tobacco is you can type while you do it — and merely spit into the cup next to the keyboard. Of course, only the classier of us — you might even say snobs — feel the need of a cup.

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