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Re: Ad Wars

Recent Corner posts about the relative effectiveness of the Clinton and Obama advertising campaigns prompted this fun response from a reader:

I’m a Hoosier. Obama is constantly on my radio and TV telling us how he

doesn’t take PAC money and all, but there’s not a peep out of Hillary.

They’ve both been in the area, but I see very little evidence here she’s

running. I don’t even here ads by Evan Bayh. Why wouldn’t she have him

on the air? He’s very popular.

I did receive one phone call from the Clinton campaign asking me for my

support. I asked the caller if Hillary could get me a pony. “A pony?”

they asked. “Yes, a pony” I said. “She’s promised everything to

everyone else, why can’t I have a pony?” The caller got mad and hung

up. No sense of humor way out there on the left I guess.


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