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Re: Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Hey, that’s a local issue for

me! SMU is just down the street from where we live. We’re discussing this

issue on the Dallas Morning News

blog, and I’m holding up the free

speech side. It’s incredible to me that when confronted with students

threatening violence to end a legitimate political protest, a university

sends in security not to protect the First Amendment rights of the

protesters, but to gag them at the request of aggrieved onlookers. I say

that’s “incredible,” not in the sense of I’m surprised by it, but that I’m

outraged by it. Last week in Providence, RI, famed First Amendment attorney

Floyd Abrams, a man of the left, told a group of editorial writers from

around the country that these days, threats to free speech come more from

the left than the right. I wonder how many journalists in that room believed



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