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Re: Agreeing to Make an Agreement

K-Lo, did he give Medvedev an I-pod?  An Ivan-pod?

On a more serious note, Obama sounded very enthused about his meeting with Putin’s guy, which got me to thinking, again, about the insanity of regarding the Kremlin Kleptocracy as a “strategic partner.”  The Bush administration sought to do that (see here), and we got the predictable results.  Obama’s been schizo on foreign policy:  foolishly embracing the mullahs, the Taliban, Hamastan, etc., but surprisingly good — or at least better than one would have expected – on Pakistan.  (As I argued during the campaign, Obama was much better — as in less pie-in-the-sky — on Pakistan than McCain was.)  I’d like to hope the President’s Russia policy will be more Pakistan and less Iran … but, as Brent Scowcroft might say, I’m a realist.

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