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Re: America Quiet on the Execution of Afghan Christian Said Musa

I always get a few readers who are appalled at my suggestion that the only way we will ever see the development of a moderate Islam is to let Islamists take power and demonstrate to their own people that Islam is a dead end in the modern world (kind of like Obama’s election finally leading many on the fence to finally see the complete bankruptcy of leftism). They chide me because of what would happen to the Copts and the other Christians left in the Middle East.

As the descendant of Christians chased out of the Middle East, I hardly need any reminding. But our current strategy is certainly not working out for Christians there. First, of course, “democracy” in Iraq has caused half the remaining Christians to flee to more congenial countries like Syria, where the utter lack of democracy ensures a much safer life for Christians. Now we have this latest outrage against a Christian in one of our other client states in the region, Afghanistan. Under my strategy, Said Musa would almost certainly be facing the same fate — but we wouldn’t be paying for it! The Afghan justice ministry’s chief of staff says “They must be sentenced to death to serve as a lesson for others” — and we’re providing his salary and our men are bleeding and dying to protect him from his fellow barbarians in the Taliban.

Ralph Peters, in John Miller’s latest “Between the Covers” interview, has it right: “It’s a worthless war, a useless cause, without thought, without a strategy, by people who are operating on sheer inertia.” The sooner we scrape Afghanistan off our shoes, the better.

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