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Re: Another One

Please do not for a single minute assume that some of us on this mega-luxurious cruise vessel aren’t attending to our regular duties. Mine is fishmongering for our products, so let’s get right to it and urge you to 1) buy our books, and therefore 2) impact the liver of the Queen Zixi of Ix-loving Daniel Casey. Now the Zuiderdam prints out a daily mini-version of the NY Times (ugh), with today’s version carrying David Brooks’ column on “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” Tom Wolfe’s new novel. The point of the column, and I assume Wolfe’s book, is that our society is producing a generation of kids who are clueless about virtues and morality. And the point of this message is to bellow that you can do something about this — yes, by getting a child one of NR’s wonderful books. All of our children’s “Treasury” titles are wholesome, and filled with tales that are instructive, that teach virtues, that stand athwart the cultural rot, yelling Stop! If you’re going to give your son or daughter or grandchild “stuff” for Christmas, why not make sure that at least one item will do their soul some good. Get those kids about whom you truly care National Review’s acclaimed books, here. And when you do, you’ll get a free copy of L. Frank Baum’s delightful tale, Queen Zixi of Ix (drink up Dan!).


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