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Re: Are There Any Conservative Bookstore Clerks?

A slight correction from a fan of bookstores: “Dear Derb—Easy there big

guy! Your Canadian correspondent has some valid points and I do think that

many in the bookstore world tend left, but I also think you are going a

little overboard. Having worked in two bookstores (both in relatively

liberal Northeastern states) for a few years after college before starting

my current career, there is one key thing I learned: These are businesses in

a very competitive industry. They must make money to survive. As an

example of this, the first bookstore I worked in was very left wing and is

no longer in business. They indeed offered almost no conservative authors.

The other bookstore I worked in was a Waldenbooks and was very good at

covering all sides of the spectrum. They did not do this out of any other

reason besides the profit motive. Indeed, my manager would have had a

conniption if you suggested NOT ordering or displaying a best-seller due to

your political beliefs on either side (there were also several conservatives

on staff whereas I was alone in the other place – basically a mole). This

Waldenbooks is still in business. Draw your own conclusions.”

This speaks to the point that capitalism is basically apolitical.

Corporations run by conservatives hold “diversity” seminars for employees

not because they believe it does any good, but to stay out of trouble so

they can keep making money. 1930s German firms posted Nazi propaganda in

their workplaces not because capitalism is the economic face of fascism, but

because they too wanted to stay out of trouble, etc., etc.


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