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re: Augusta

A different take, from a reader:

I had the totally opposite reaction to Mr. Payne’s statement when I

heard it on the news last night.  I found it to be grandstanding of a

very bad sort.  What matter is this to Mr. Payne or Augusta?  Why make

Mrs. Woods suffer further indignity by yet again and gratuitously

dragging her husband’s indiscretions to the forefront of public

thought?  No, I think Mr. Payne should be chastised for trying to score

cheap points by kicking the Woods family while they are down in an

attempt to deflect, for at least this year, the controversy that always

(unfairly) surrounds his club.

UPDATE: One other reader response:

I have a slightly different take on Payne’s statement.  My guess is that the people at Augusta are a little annoyed that Tiger picked their venue to make his comeback.   I do believe that Tiger felt that the tight media restrictions at Augusta would make his return easier.   I also believe that the folks at Augusta believe he is using them as cover, but more importantly, they believe that he is bringing the wrong kind of attention to Augusta.


In some respects, Augusta was the launching pad for Tiger’s career.  There has always been a unique relationship between them.


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