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Re: Avoid the Malls

Mark – Indeed, it is a brutal challenge, and one I think I cannot meet. I am an awful singer. I did Karaoke with some Fox news guys in New Orleans a few months back (working on a story, I swear) and the universal consensus was — as I already knew — I am a horrible singer. Really, just plain awful. Even among pundit types I am terrible. And I’ve heard Derb sing Communist work songs (actually, he was pretty good). I’m an even worse dancer. If you saw me dance, and I was a horse, you’d shoot me to put me out of my misery. If you saw me dance, and you were a horse, you would trample me.

In short, I’ve got no way of catching up with you on the show tunes front. Some territory must be surrendered.

But I will be glad to cover a Mark Steyn song — or maybe a chapter from your book –  in spoken word form like Bill Shatner, if it will help sales:

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