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Re: Babs and Larry Lindsey

From a reader:

Larry Lindsey (whose name Babs misspells) has become an icon of the

antiBush left, fired for telling the truth. He would be a better example

if he believed this too. Larry is a huge Bush supporter to this day, who

writes op-eds in support of the President. Plus, oddly enough, Larry does

not express the belief that he was fired. Larry intended to stay for

around 2 years, at the pleasure of the President, and left in December

2002. While O’Neill got in his car and drove off to Pittsburgh, Larry

remained in the White House until his successor arrived, and worked with

him for a few weeks to help get him started.

Karl Rove and Don Evans “roasted” Larry at the party celebrating his

departure. Senior Bush staffers (campaign and appointees) attended his

recent 50th birthday party.


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