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Re: Barack in Bitterland

When I saw Barack in Brooklyn last August, he was an hour and a half late because of a Daily Show taping, but it’s no surprise that he’s willing to put off engagements for this kind of slavering treatment.

P.S. Spare me the lame defense that The Daily Show is “just a comedy show.” Stewart can spring-load a cheap gotcha with the best of them. I’ve seen him ask Gwyneth Paltrow tougher questions.

UPDATE: Sample question from last night: “You’ve had a chance to meet Americans throughout the land. Are we nice?” As you can probably guess, Obama really tripped over this one. Stewart, come on… turn down the heat!

And don’t forget this scorcher directed toward John Kerry in 2004: “How are you holding up? … Is it hard not to take the attacks personally?”


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