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Re: Be Afraid, Karl Rove

From, a first-hand account of the town meeting in which some 200 of the good people of Hanover, New Hampshire (pop. 7.500), yesterday demanded immediate withdrawal from Iraq and the impeachment of the chief executive:

After several mildly silly but…rewarding hours, during which we debated the merits of buying or leasing a new fire truck, before approving our town budget virtually unchanged, we then got to these two resolutions [to impeach Bush and to withdraw from Iraq.] They are the product of the folks at our local wealthy retirement home, “the Kendall,” who were bused to the meeting by the dozen, though they live across the street.

The first resolution was the impeachment one. The gentleman proposing it argued that the President and Vice President are violating the separation of powers and the Constitution by not seeking FISA warrants for spying. [One man countered]…that perhaps this wasn’t the best forum for hashing out national security law. The general response was that in trying to silence them he showed how we were slipping into dictatorship –I kid you not–and that by failing to speak now we’d have lost the chance when we were renditioned to concentration camps (again, I’m not joking).

For the entire surreal and hilarious account, click here.


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