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Re: Behind Ryan’s Slides

Earlier today, I reported on Paul Ryan’s revamped stump presentation. After a month of mostly rallies, the congressman is focusing on town-hall meetings. At these events, he uses PowerPoint slides to teach about the debt and federal spending.

Ryan’s town-hall strategy reflects how he has run (and won) in his southeastern-Wisconsin district since 1998. In a new ad for his House race, Ryan speaks to voters in a town-hall setting and if you look closely, you can see a PowerPoint slide.

The ad is called “A Choice for Two Futures,” which is a common theme in Ryan’s campaign rhetoric, both in the House and on the trail. Below is a first look at the 30-second spot, which will soon air in Madison and Milwaukee television markets.

“We must take action to prevent the most predictable economic crisis in our country’s history,” Ryan tells a group of voters. “Washington promotes a culture of dependency, we need a culture of accountability and personal responsibility.”

Of course, Ryan’s House race is not a major contest; Ryan should win easily. But the spending in those key TV markets should help Romney-Ryan in the Badger State, where President Obama has a 7.8 percent lead, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average.


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