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Re: Bennett: CFG ‘No Longer Interested in Political Ideology’

The Club for Growth is punching back at Sen. Bob Bennett’s comments to National Review Online about the group’s role in ousting the veteran lawmaker from Utah’s GOP Senate primary. Michael Connolly, the CFG’s communications director, just sent NRO this missive:

Senator Bennett is as wrong about the Club for Growth as he is about his own constituents (“what’s the matter with Utah?”).  When three-term incumbents who outspend their opponents 20 to one don’t even make a primary, they have no one to blame but themselves.

He says we paid no attention to his record?  We wrote a 36-page book documenting every fact we could find about his record, and mailed it to the 3,500 delegates.  I think it’s fair to say that on Saturday, we and the delegates who voted against him knew his record better than he did.  We care very much who represents Utah – that’s why we just spent $177,000 making sure it wasn’t him.  (We care about who represents Florida and Pennsylvania, too – just ask Crist and Specter.)

The guy who felt entitled to a fourth-term after promising to serve only two says all we’re interested in is power?  He says he’s “as conservative as they come?”  DeMint ever vote for the Bridge to Nowhere?  Coburn sponsoring an individual mandate now? 

Bennett is right about one thing: there are clunkers in the Senate.  Thanks to Club for Growth PAC, there’ll be one less come January.


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