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Re: Beware the Koch-topus

Two things.

First, the “kochtopus” pun has been going around for a while. It’s bad. Koch is pronounced like the soda “coke.” Coke-topus sounds goofy and un-euphonious. Why not call us “Koch-heads” because we all have “Kochlear implants” that allow us to take our orders from our paymasters in Wichita who are relentlessly Koching the flames of hate and Koching lady justice in the eye. (Frankly, I like having the idea of paymasters in Wichita, but as I’m about to leave for Israel later today I will be pretty bummed if all my missing checks are in Kansas not Jerusalem).

Second, the best thing written about the stupidity of the new Koch-obsession is this, by Andy Ferguson.


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