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Re: The Bible and Policy

A couple folks have written-in with this sentiment:

Subject: Was it your intention to embarrass evangelical Christians by posting that e-mail?

That was one of the most embarrassing e-mails I have seen in a while. I may be more sensitive to the embarrassment as an evangelical Christian myself. You know, kind of like you were more embarrassed when your little brother said something stupid precisely because of that inescapable but unprovable belief that people were in some way making a connection between his stupidity and your familial relationship to him. Too many more e-mails like that and people are going to start making comments about evangelicals having jumped the shark.

Me: Me, I have zero-point-zero desire to get into — to borrow this reader’s analogy — a family squabble between evangelical Christians. All I can say is that my intent wasn’t to embarrass anybody. Whether anyone is “stupid” or should be embarrassed is a debate for others.


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