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Re: The Big-Picture Problem of Media Bias

I’m getting many e-mails like this one in response:

I like Sarah Palin though I think McCain should have chosen Romney. But, I think the emailer who cringes when Sarah Palin shouts “America. Do you love your freedom?” is only contributing to the big problem conservatives face. This is about freedom. Not everyone can be as eloquent as Mark Steyn, but that doesn’t make the starkness of that question any worse. It does, of course, depend a lot on what follows. But the real problem isn’t that she’s being too simplistic or even that a reasonable person may be convinced that she’s too simplistic. The real problem is that a vast number of liberals, lacking any reasoning skills, simply try and convince you that they are convinced she’s a simpleton. So, if by groupthink they can convince enough people that they and many others are convinced Sarah Palin is a simpleton, then it’s not even debatable and she’s diminished in stature. Similarly, anyone who supports Sarah Palin is also a simpleton, red-neck, right-wing militia member, etc. It’s a way to shut off debate and we have to stop letting it happen.


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