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Re: Bill and Dan

K-Lo, you have no choice but to obsess on the topic of Clinton’s indiscretions, since it may be the main news story of the next week or so. Oh, and don’t assume Dan Rather followed up on anything, or I’ll send you back to my link.

The shock-jocks Don and Mike were already giggling about “because I could” yesterday, so it could be on the way to joke status soon. Clinton really ran the presidency a la Howard Stern — I’m president and, man, what I great way to get some! A sizable number of men defended him on those puerile terms. “Because I could” seems like an apology to his political allies — it might seem like the worst excuse when you’ve compromised the whole liberal agenda for some fleeting intern intimacy.

Did you follow that patter about how he had “complicated psychological reasons” that he wouldn’t get in to? I was the Fat Kid in Band, so I have to sexually harass Paula Jones? Ugh. (No one wants to remind the audience that harassing Paula Jones, which Clinton admitted by settling, was the real beginning of Monicagate, and that without the Jones suit, Lewinsky was a tabloid expose, not a legal case.)

The Clintonistas are going to get through the book tour using the same wounded routine of “how dare you focus on the peccadillos, when he did so much for the country.” Lanny Davis went on CBS yesterday morning to hit precisely that point. As Hannah Storm wanted to stick to the private-life script, Davis whined about how Clinton created 23 million jobs.

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