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Re: Bill Clinton For Veep

The other point many readers always bring up when the issue comes up when the media gets bored: (From an e-mail) “Bill Clinton is ineligible to be elected to the office of president, but being a natural-born citizen a resident for over 14 years, and over 35, he is arguably “eligible to the office.” If he ran as vice-president, and for some reason succeeded the president because of death or disability, he would not have been elected to more than 2 terms.

“The 12th amendment would have to be read ‘no person constitutionally ineligible to to be elected to the office of president….’ to prohibit him from being a vice-presidential candidate.

“There are undoubtedly counter-arguments, but the 12th amendment does not readily resolve the question (though it’s a pretty safe bet this is a hypothetical discussion).”


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