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Re: Bizarro Broder

Two e-mails from longtime readers:

Jonah – Broder’s column is especially bizarre because Janet Napolitano has been a slippery character from the beginning.  Here is a short but sweet summary of one of her first public acts, as Anita Hill’s attorney during the nauseating spectacle of Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings

If the GOP would have been in control of Congress in 93 she would never have been a US attorney, or later Governor of AZ, or Homeland Security Secretary now.  I agree, time to end her public career before she does even more damage (incl possibly as a Supreme Court justice!?  Bet there would be  some interesting conversations between her and Justice Thomas).


I read that Broder column, too, having thought the old boy, or his headline writer, was indulging in some unwonted irony (“the sky’s the limit”). Once I cleaned up after my spit-take, I read the column as a personal favor. I take it she’s hanging on by her stubby little fingernails and cashed in a marker for SOME good ink from an MSMer. I say it doesn’t look good for Jan-Jan, and we know how little her boss hesitates to slide that ol’ gang of his under the bus. The WH’s internal polling must be just brutal since Christmas. Soon as it reaches a boil, over, under and out. Not a done deal, but pretty close.


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