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Re: Bolton

An e-mail from a clued-in D.C.-er:

In that Post story you linked to on The Corner about Bolton, this line

caught my eye:

“The six letters, intended to clarify proposed U.S. amendments to the draft,

constitute the most detailed public picture of Bolton’s thinking on a range

of issues since he became ambassador, including on the fight against poverty

and terrorism, the promotion of human rights and the streamlining of the

U.N. bureaucracy.”

But this isn’t “Bolton’s thinking,” it’s administration policy (as those

quoted further down in the piece make clear in bashing the administration).

Surely, Bolton’s spine is helpful in making sure this moves forward, but

Ambassador Bolton isn’t just making s#&% up as he goes along; he’s not

pushing some personal agenda–if so, I guarantee it would be worded a bit

more strongly.

Oh, and maybe it’s just me, but the subhead on the piece suggests that the

White House “fears” Bolton’s efforts, not the loons at the UN.

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