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Re: Boy Meets World

“I seem to recall,” Mark Steyn writes below, that when a couple of months ago David Cameron and his Tory Party still commanded an enormous lead over Gordon Brown and Labour, “more than a few Republican ‘reformers’ were recommending the Cameronization of the Republican Party.”  Now that Cameron has blown his lead to produce the first hung Parliament in more than three decades, Mark seems to suppose, no one will ever again hold up the present Tory Party as a model for the GOP.

Silly him.

Herewith David Brooks on the NewsHour, not 24 hours ago, speaking of the “impact” of the British election “on the Republican Party”:

The Republican Party and the Conservative Party had very similar problems post Thatcher and Reagan.  The Republican Party has gone in a more small government, libertarian direction.  The Tory Party has gone in a more communitarian [direction].  ‘This is a broken society [the Tories are saying].  We’re going to do schools, we’re going to do nurse-family partnerships.’  [The Tory Party has been] much more centrist.  And they’ve actually done quite well.


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