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Re: Boy Scouts

Rich: I recently read Tim Jeal’s excellent biography of Robert Baden-Powell

(title: “The Boy-Man”), founder of the Boy Scouts. Jeal shows how the Boy

Scout movement was, from its very beginnings, plagued by pederasts.

Baden-Powell’s first two appointees to the post of medical director at the

movement’s main camp, for instance, both had to be dismissed for “gross

misconduct” with the boys. Only a society as wilfully stupid and sunk in

dogma as our own could imagine that an organization for boys would NOT

attract the attention of pederasts. To insist on the “right” of homosexuals

to serve as scoutmasters is to pour gasoline on a smouldering fire. (And

before anyone e-mails in to tell me that homosexuality and pederasty are

utterly different things, not related to each other in any way, shape or

form whatsoever: I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.)


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