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Re: The Bullies Win

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s statement claims that Ms. Riley was fired because her post “did not conform to the journalistic standards and civil tone” required of such posts, that it did not meet “basic editorial standards for reporting and fairness,” and that it was not even “informed opinion.” The contrary view is that she was fired because what she wrote was politically incorrect and so the Chronicle is unwilling to stand between her and the mob. Now, of course one can adduce standards that Ms. Riley’s post does not meet. It is a blog post, after all, and the genre is characterized by punchiness rather than meticulous scholarship. But that does not mean that we have no choice but to take the Chronicle at its word. For it is hard for me to imagine that the Chronicle’s left-wing bloggers, which alas it is my lot in life to have to read, have always met the standards that Ms. Riley is ostensibly being held to. Therefore one concludes that her firing is indeed because of her post’s political incorrectness and nothing else.


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