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Re Burning Glass

Look, I take a back seat to only a very few people when it comes to my contempt for Steve Glass. But isn’t there something odd about journalists, particularly liberal ones, protesting the publication of a book and journalists, particularly conservatives, inveighing against the profit motive? I agree with Erich Eichmann and John that Glass is a feckless crapweasel. And I even agree that Glass’s attempt to cash-in on his own transgressions is unseemly. But I can’t get past the fact that the media are making a bigger deal about Glass’s book than they would if, say, a murderer wrote one. When Mumia Abu Jamal — the convicted, and rightly so, murder — cashes in on his nefariously-earned celebrity, first amendment voluptuaries cheer. Isn’t murder worse than plagiarism and fabrication? There’s something vaguely self-serving in the hooplah over Glass and Blair, something which seems to say “We are so great, it is huge news for everybody when one of us stumbles. I am emphatically not ascribing these views to Miller and Eichmann, it’s just that they got me thinking about it.


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