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Re: Bush Church Congrats

Derb, I gather from people in and around 1600 Penn. that that “congrats” letter you mentioned yesterday was a (very) bad vetting job more than anything else. Bush has not changed his position on gay marriage, but someone in the White House complex likely got a stern reprimand (or more) yesterday. What likely happened: Some staffer sent out a form letter in response to a request from a church for an anniversary kudos–benign and routine enough, on the surface. Problem is no one checked out the church (to find out they “marry” men and men and women and women) before the letter was dropped in the out box. (The White House, of course, gets thousands of these kinds of requests for commendation and congratulations a year.) And when that story you linked to came out yesterday, senior staff probably pulled straws, hoping to avoid telling El Presidente.

I suspect the White House isn’t going to officially comment on all of this because it will likely just incite more media attention. That’s probably wise. Would have been smarter, though, to make sure Exec Branch people were doing their jobs. But I doubt the White House would disagree with that assessment.


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