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Re Bush Vs. Reagan: Rush Limbaugh Settles It

Am I sure this is actually from Rush? Indeed I am. I found it in my inbox first thing this morning, shot Rush an email asking permission to post it, and, during a break in his show–Rush is on the air as I type–he replied, Sure thing.

From America’s anchor:


This debate is an example of how many smart people get way ahead of

themselves trying to be the smartest guy in the room. Perhaps they

can point us to the examples of W using the WH bully pulpit to

actually lead and define a movement? If they cannot, the argument is

moot, long before the discussion of policy begins.

Reagan, accepting the nomination in July 1980, said (paraphrasing):

Mr. Carter asks us to trust him. But that is not the way our country

works. We do not ask the people to place trust in one man. The trust

is placed in the people with the leaders respecting and honoring that


He went on to DEFINE conservatism further in that speech and

continued to do so for 8 years, leading and building a movement in

the process. He did not devote either policy or time to the objective

of “getting along” with his enemies. He did not have aids talking to

the WPOST and NYT to try and get his message out “fairly.” He went

over the heads of the press, straight to the American people in every

speech and appearance he made. There was a reason Americans felt a

renewed confidence in themselves and their country and that is

because their President told them constantly how he had confidence in

them. It’s called leadership.

There is a reason he won two landslides. And it was not slick

marketing and packaging. It was substance.

Peter Robinson — Peter M. Robinson is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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