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Re: Byron

I wish every caller to C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” this morning would take a sedative and read Byron York’s piece on Halliburton today.

Brian Lamb was actually losing patience as he sat in the DC offices of the Wall Street Journal and interviewed editors and reporters there. If people thought C-SPAN in the 1990s offered a open phone line for Clinton “haters,” they ought to listen to the network today. It was a festival of Deaniacs (or Kucinichaks) railing against Halliburton and corporate control of the White House. I didn’t exactly hear a flood of Bush supporters on the line.

Not that I’m saying C-SPAN is shamefully slanted. But that’s what Brian Lamb was getting from both sides today. You Republican lover. You liberal. He actually apologized to political reporter Jeanne Cummings for having her segment foiled by “people with their own agendas.” You can see why most networks ponder interaction with the people and say, hmmph, “bad TV.”

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