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Re: Cantor’s Uppercut

House Republicans are moving on YouCut:

House Republicans will try to force a vote on freezing federal wages when Democrats bring a Defense spending bill to the floor on Friday afternoon.

It’s the last day of a long legislative week on Capitol Hill, and before lawmakers head out for the weeklong Memorial Day recess, House Democrats are trying to pass a flurry of legislation: a tax extenders bill, legislation that provides for science programs and the defense authorization bill. Even though the proposal would be attached to the defense bill, military salaries would be exempt from the pay freeze.

Republicans plan to use a motion to recommit — a procedural method that sends a bill back to its committee of jurisdiction — to force lawmakers to vote on the freeze to federal worker pay.

From a House GOP staffer:

As the debt surges past $13 trillion, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer are pushing for a federal pay increase.  Yikes, probably a not a message that many House Democrats want to take home to struggling small business people and families in their districts as they return home for Memorial Day . . . Let’s see how many Democrats are willing to tell their constituents that increasing federal salaries is a more important priority than starting to reduce the debt.


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