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Re: Careful There Mr. Goldberg

From a reader:


I am going to have to disagree with the reader who said the EU is not the ” sole source of ridiculous decisions in Europe.” Just as all roads lead to Rome, all things ridiculous lead to Brussels. The EU can and does set policy of this sort. And in a system very similar to our own federal government, individual states cannot pass laws that conflict with European laws. So if Brussels says Christ must be spelled with a lowercase “c” and Jewish with a lowercase “j”, etc, individual states cannot make their own rules. This isn’t regulating spelling, its regulating religion. I’m afraid your last reader missed the point.

What I love about the EU is the elite continues to do stupid things of this sort that have no base outside of Brussels. We saw a tremendous defeat of the EU constitution this summer, and will continue to see this trend while the leaders attempt to unify Europe and shift it left against the wishes of the people. I studied international relations in Europe for three years and could ramble on for hours on the future of the EU, how Turkey will play into this, etc, but I will stop now.

Thanks very much.


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