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Re: Carl Barks, Unsung Conservative Hero

I was getting e-mail all day yesterday on this, in two distinct categories:

(1) Readers who have trouble believing that anyone was ever named “Carl

Barks.” E.g. “What’s THAT all about? The author of DAS KAPITAL with a head


(2) Emotional tributes to the enlightening and educative powers–not to

mention the spats-wearing prowess–of Scrooge McDuck. Sample: “I remember

one snippet of an episode where Scrooge and the nephews visit a poor island

where bottlecaps are currency and everyone has practically none. Scrooge,

in a fit of generosity, flies his plane over the island and dumps thousands

of bottlecaps, where they are joyfully scooped up by the islanders. All is

well, and Scrooge returns the following day to a diner to have lunch… only

to discover that the price of a sandwich has gone up from 5 bottlecaps to

1,000! Something clicked, and the connection between the two events

suddenly dawned on me. Had the show ended with the dropping of the

bottlecaps, my dimwitted mind might never have made the connection, and I’d

be subscribing to MotherJones today. Thanks, Scrooge McDuck!”

I can verify that Carl Barks did indeed exist, in corporeal form until

8/25/2000, when he went off to the great animation studio in the sky at age

99. To judge from all

the encomiums I have received from fiscal conservatives who first saw the

light while reading or viewing a Scrooge McDuck cartoon, Carl Barks deserves

an honored place in the conservative pantheon. So who’s got the keys to the

pantheon this week? Jonah? Rick? Andrew? Come on, someone must have

them. Where’s the duty roster, Kathryn?


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