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Re: Casey, The Catholic Democrat

More from the great Bob Casey that surely indicts John Kerry – this from a 1996 Wall Street Journal article:

For a generation we have lived with abortion on demand. Starting 23 years ago with Roe v. Wade, this policy was sold to America as a kind of social cure. Instead it has left us wounded and divided. We were promised it would broaden the circle of humanity. We were told the whole matter was settled and would soon pass from our minds; 23 years later it tears at our souls.

The truth is that Roe has failed to deliver. Failed to lift women out of poverty, failed to curb domestic abuse and violence against women. Instead, the feminization of poverty has only grown worse, and domestic violence has spread like a pestilence. Women, along with their children, are now victims of the license to abort. The cruel irony is that abortion rights have underwritten the cynical and chauvinistic exploitation of women by predatory men, who so often abandon them. That is why, contrary to the abortion industry’s spin doctors, most women in America oppose abortion on demand, while the most avid supporters of abortion are unmarried males between 18 and 35.

More domestic violence, more exploitation of women: This is what the former altar boy now running for President has helped bring about with his 20 Senate years of defending Roe. And yet some Catholics, even those who consider themselves pro-life, are backing Kerry.

Of course, in Pennsylvania, I wonder – why shouldn’t they? Rick Santorum – who argued that it was OK for abortion foes and Catholics to back Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey in the Senate primary earlier this year – gives them all the cover they need for such. Thanks Rick!

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