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re: Catholic Education

I remember when I was college shopping, a long time ago, Trinity was very uncomfortably Catholic. I vaguely remember a controversy over the chapel (like, maybe they didn’t want to use it as one … I don’t really remember though … perhaps someone who went there or taught there can shed light). Anyway, it was part of the reason I didn’t go there. Catholic University had some big problems back them — namely their president — but I figured there was only so far it could stray when it is called The Catholic University of America. I was right. With a little effort from students, faculty, and its current president (Fr. David O’Connell), it’s made an orthodoxy comeback. I’m grateful to have played a teeny role in it when I was there and am delighted to see the miles its come and glad CUA can play a role in hosting the pope this week with some integrity. 


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