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Re: Catholics Prosper

FYI: Anyone who plans to view the Chronicle colloquy should know in advance that College of the Holy Cross professor David O’Brien is a well-know liberal – a “dissenter” assenter – in Catholic academic circles. Over the years he’s written scads of pieces for the National Catholic Reporter, and served on that lefty paper’s board of directors for a long spell in the 1980s. I never had him at Holy Cross (my alma mater), but Mrs. Fowler did (for two courses). I just called dear Sharon and she testifies to O’Brien’s “left wing slant and rants on everything … his heroes were the Berrigan brothers and Father Drinan … he talked about them all the time; they were always ‘wonderful.’” So states my better half, and she should know. If you doubting Thomases want proof of O’Brien’s tilt, here the text of his 12/08/03 Worcester Telegram column attacking Massachusetts’ Roman Catholic bishops for opposing the state Supreme Court’s gay marriage dictat. Enjoy!


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