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re: Cathy’s World

I’d like to second Kathryn’s wishes to our Left Coast correspondent Cathy Seipp, who ’s having a very rough time of it . She’s a very funny writer on a whole range of subjects and she ought to be a lot better known. She’s especially funny on the subject of The Los Angeles Times, whose current despond can be most easily explained by the fact that they’d never dream of hiring her but they’re happy to have all those unreadable plonkers who’ve been tying up prime metro/features/lifestyle real estate at the paper for decades. Cathy wrote one of my all-time favorite NRO jests culminating in the line “I hate it when that happens.” I’d like to reprise the build-up to it but its particular combination of body parts and bodily fluids requires her finesse to carry off. These are tough odds, but I’d dearly love it if she could beat this thing back awhile and return to chastise her fellow Californians a little longer. She’s the kind of person we need more of on our side of the aisle.

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