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Re: Cfr

Right on, Rich. Signing BCRA has to qualify as one of Bush’s saddest moves. I’m sure Rove-Mehlman-Etc. can make a VERY good case that signing it accomplished great things for them — draining the media outrage, deflating the tires on McCain’s “Straight Talk Express,” leading to new post-BCRA financial advantages, and most recently, showing Soros, Dean, Kerry and so on to be “reform” hypocrites. But he’s still shot a hole in the ship of free political speech.

As you might expect, reporting has been just as biased now as it was in the years of self-interested liberal media campaigning for “reform” enactment. Last night, ABC and CBS failed to even mention the ban on ads featuring candidate names 60 days before an election. While CBS, NBC, and CNN at least cited dissenting Justice Scalia’s free speech concerns, ABC didn’t even bother to mention the views of the dissenters.

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