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re Cheap Shots

The mention of Fred’s “senior moment” is hardly a cheap shot. The guy is a presidential candidate, if he can’t take his knocks then he should go back to acting. I think J-Pod was kind of gentle with Fred – I prefer Hemingway’s commentary on Thompson’s web video, even if only because it made me laugh out loud:

Is that Fred Thompson, or is this the DVD extras for Sling Blade?  

Mean perhaps, but accurate. He doesn’t look good, it’s hard to deny. Fred has had a lot of problems catching up with “Rudy McRomney” in terms of being comfortable with campaigning and answering questions.

The demand for Fred remains enormous because conservatives dislike McCain, distrust Romney, and disagree with Rudy. But what about the supply? Fred has to start inspiring people and making them believe — or else he’s going to be back on Law and Order next season.

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