The Corner

Re: Chopsticks

Reader Brian Simboli laments: “Ah, I have yet, qua family dishwasher, to

find a really efficient way to wash chopsticks.”

Well, here’s my technique.

(A) Grasp bunch of chopsticks by thick ends.

(B) Scrub thin ends with dishwash brush, simultaneously moving the holding

hand so that different sides of the chopsticks are contunually being

presented to the brush. (This needs some practice. It’s a kind of kneading


(C) Now place bunch of chopsticks between palms.

(D) Rub palms back and forth vigorously and parallel to each other, so that

chopsticks are subjected to mutual frication. This makes a characteristic

and not at all unpleasant noise, somewhat like the rattle of ma-jong tiles.

(E) Repeat step (B) under running faucet, to remove last traces of food


I do not myself scrub the holding (thick) ends of the chopsticks, as this

seems to me over-fastidious. There are different schools of thought on this

point, though….