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Re: Christie’s Judges

Maggie, we’ve already seen a Governor Christie judicial appointment. Last year, he appointed Sohail Mohammed, a board member of an Islamist organization (the American Muslim Union) who had a history of ripping the Justice Department’s successful terrorism prosecutions against operatives of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and who represented an admitted Hamas member, Mohammed Qatanani, when the government tried to deport Qatanani — who had concealed his Hamas connections in an immigration form Sohail Mohammed’s firm helped him prepare. I wrote about it here

When citizens of the Garden State had the temerity to protest this awful appointment, the governor, in his usual mild-mannered way, smeared them as “crazies” obsessed over sharia. I doubt he’s going to have much more patience for traditional marriage crazies. In any event, it becomes increasingly clear that as a potential presidential candidate, Chris Christie makes a good governor of New Jersey.

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