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Re: Chronicle & Catholic Higher Ed

Jack, thanks for the info on David O’Brien. Actually, although the Chronicle can certainly be biased, it is sometimes fair. I’m disappointed to see them stacking the deck like this. Maybe some folks can write the Chronicle to let them know that a little more fairness on this issue might be in order in the future. Sometimes the Chronicle colloquies have no moderators at all and simply let anyone speak their minds. That might have worked better here. I could be wrong, but to the best of my recollection, when the Chronicle puts someone very opinionated on a live colloquy, it’s usually because they themselves have written an Op Ed. It does seem a bit odd to hold a colloquy on an article about conservative Catholics that features a dialogue with a liberal Catholic historian. Again, if this seems odd to you, you might want to suggest that the Chronicle act a bit more fairly in the future. Or maybe just suggest that the Chronicle hold an open colloquy on this issue that allows all to speak their minds without filter.


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