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re: Compassion & Abortion

Warren will disappoint Time magazine if he asks. From their cover piece:

A shift away from “sin issues” — like abortion and gay marriage — is reflected in Warren’s approach to his coming sit-downs with the candidates. He says he is more interested in questions that he feels are “uniting,” such as “poverty, HIV/AIDS, climate change and human rights,” and still more in civics-class topics like the candidates’ understanding of the role of the Constitution. There will be no “Christian religion test,” Warren insists. “I want what’s good for everybody, not just what’s good for me. Who’s the best for the nation right now?”

It’s hard to believe anyone doing or covering religion would try to dismiss life and marriage as anything but essential. Yes, we should get together where we can. But at the same time, you can’t really “shift away” from the dignity of human life and marriage. That’s a matter of honesty and integrity.


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