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RE: Conservatives and Science

I agree with a lot of what Yuval, Jonah, and Kathryn have said about conservatives and science. I won’t try to summarize my views on this topic as a whole, but instead will point to the two articles I’ve written on it.

In reaction to these specific comments, I don’t think that I’ve described conservatives as anti-science. I’ve tried to say that conservatives have not been rigorous about distinguishing between assertions that are scientific vs. those that are non-scientific. In many cases, liberals have carefully muddied this distinction, and tried to apply the prestige of scientific certainty to statements that are really ethical or political judgments. I think that this is true of both the global warming and evolution / ID debates. Further, I think that the lack of conservative engagement on this topic has been bad, both on the merits and the politics, and both for conservatives and for America.

Jim Manzi is CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company.


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