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Re: Conservatives & Science

I agree with Kathryn on this point. I meant to bring  up something similar when Derb was touting Ken Miller’s book on the evolution wars (scroll down). I haven’t read the book, but I heard Miller on NPR’s “Science Friday” recently. I agreed with a lot of what he had to say (No, we’re not going to have another evolution v. ID debate today). But I really took offense to his deliberate conflation of intelligent design and skepticism about the global warming industry. I’m not saying there is no anti-science sentiment among those who reject the global warming bandwagon, but the suggestion that the scientific consensus is as settled on climate change as it is on evolution, or that skepticism in this regard is further proof that conservatives reject science is really grotesquely unfair and inaccurate. Miller didn’t shout this point, but there was a definite insinuation there.


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