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Re ‘Contra Anthropomorphization’ . . .

. . . or, Contra “Contra Anthropomorphization.” Derb, unlucky for you, I haven’t left yet. Three quick points.

1) Don’t need no civics lesson, thank you. Have a lot of larnin’ under my belt. And when laws are bad, I favor changing them. I also favor the judicious administration of the law.

2) I would much rather be the fellow citizen of Marisol Valles Garcia than that of that ghastly blogger you admiringly linked to. (But that is anthropomorphization, I suppose.) He gripes that she brought her child with her. Instead of leaving him behind to serve as a hostage, or to be chopped up?

Where do you get these monsters? And why are so many of them NRO “commenters”? Don’t they have their own sites?

3) I think I’d be a rather good president, actually! In fact, I just might run, to spite you and the “commenting” legions. Long as Thune and the rest are shying away, somebody’s got to step up: give T-Paw ’n’ Mitt a little competition.

Think about what administration position you might like: math czar? Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (until we are able to shut it down)?


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