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Re: D-Day, as The Russians See It

A reader sees off Max Hastings:

“Derb—What irritates me about comparisons like the one you posted between

Soviet and British/American contributions to WWII is that it is all so much

crap. The Soviet Union was INVADED by Germany, thus they were forced to put

up a fight (meanwhile, the French were invaded and did not). Britain was

bombed, but never invaded by the Nazis. American shipping was attacked, but

Germany never posed any threat to the mainland. Thus for a Russian to get

all snippy about who did what is pretty asinine. Frankly, we didn’t HAVE to

do ANYTHING, at least not immediately. Furthermore, weren’t the Soviets the

country who appeased Hitler with the infamous non-aggression treaty? For a

country so brave, they sure did everything they could to avoid fighting

until Hitler’s Panzers drove right through their front yard.

“Furthermore let it be noted that we were kind of, you know, fighting the

Japanese at the same damn time. Call me crazy, but I would say that counts

for something. Given their proximity to one another, I’m sure the Soviets

and Japanese had their skirmishes, but I rather doubt the Reds were even so

much as a splinter in the sides of the Japs.”


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