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Re: Dear Flower

Here is the National Review paragraph on kimjongilia from our 8/11/03

issue (which was not digitized):

Axis of Eveil watch: On North Korea’s Day of the Sun — which is to say,

the anniversary of the birth of the late Great Leader Kim Il Sung — a large

floral tribute from Yasser Arafat was delivered. Reported the Korean

Central News Agency: “Shaher Mohammed Abdlah, Palestinian ambassador to the

DPRK, placed the floral basket before [Kim’s] statue and made a bow today.

Written on the ribbon of the floral basket were letters: ‘The Great Leader

Kim Il Sung Will Be Immortal.’” The current Dear Leader Kim Jong Il has

also been the recipient of flowers from Arafat, who must be running up quite

a tab with the Ramallah branch of Interflora. Credit the PLO chairman with

knowing the way to the hearts of his fellow dictators, at any rate. The

North Korean regime has always had a strong horticultural theme, with the

Kims, pere et fil, both having had flowers named after them: the

kimilsungia (a hybrid orchid) and the kimjongilia (a variety of

begonia), respectively. Botanical databases currently yield no references

to yasserarafatia.


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