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Re ‘Defending David Frum’

Years ago, we conservatives would blast “me-too Republicans,” i.e., Republicans who were always saying of Democratic proposals and thoughts, “Me too!” Occasionally, we would talk about “me-tooism” and “me-tooist” sentiments. Well, let me be a me-tooist: I second what Mona has said. David Frum has long been an MVP of American conservatism — and Canadian conservatism (if those words can go together)! — and, more important, he has been a sterling human being. I disagree with some of his views, and he, of course, disagrees with some of mine. I find reason to admire Sarah Palin, one of his primary targets. And I would dearly like to see a great Frum-Limbaugh rapprochement — for they are each MVPs, in their different ways.

In any case, back to my original point: What she said (Mona being the she) (not at all to be confused with Bill Clinton, to whom Monica referred, at least once, as “the Big He”). 


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