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Re: Defense of Arnold

Jonah: **I** don’t think your reader has a point at all. The people of NY

City voted in a RINO 2 years ago, and he has spent his time in office

raising taxes, pandering to illegal immigrants, and stamping our small

liberties like smoking. (I was in a posh gentlemen’s club in NYC the other

day. No smoking! Even at the bar!! Why? I asked. It’s a private club,

isn’t it? Ah, I was told, it’s the staff, you see…)

If you want conservatism, you have to vote for conservatives. If

Schwarzenegger is a conservative, I am Andrew Sullivan’s best friend. And

please don’t give me that “socially liberal, fiscally conservative”

nonsense. That’s an oxymoron, as I pointed out in a blog


weeks ago. Squishiness on things like illegal immigration and homelessness

ends up costing Joe Taxpayer a ton of money.

Vote for McClintock. If you get Busta-bank-e, well, just console yourself

with Lenin’s old slogan: “The worse, the better.” Governor Busta-baldy

could discredit Democrats in California for a generation. And if he’s

REALLY bad, you can always recall him…


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